Monday, 19 January 2015

Lil Zee Designs Jewerly

Hi everyone! So I have been working on an exciting new small business for the past few months now! I have started a Jewelry line called 'Lil Zee Designs'. Each piece of jewelry is inspired by my life's & my surroundings.

 Me wearing The 'Gold Plated Japanese Maple Leaf With 14K Gold Filled Chain'
Me wearing the 'Gold Plated Japanese Maple Leaf With 14K Gold Filled Chain By Lil Zee Designs

All of the leaves in my jewelry collection are real leaves that are electroplated. The leaves are absolutely stunning in person.

Me wearing the Silver Plated Canadian Maple Leaf Necklace With A Sterling Silver Chain

The Lace Bullet Necklace By Lil Zee Designs

One of the first designs I came up with is the lace covered bullet necklace. I have always loved bullet casing necklaces but they all looked the same to me. It was always sticking a stone or crystal in the bottom & there you have a necklace.

Signature Gold Bullet With Purple Lace & Blue Gem

I wanted to think of something more unique. Something I haven't seen before. One night I was organizing my chest of drawers & I picked up all the lace items I had and I had an epiphany (I love lace, especially bodysuits & tights) ... Wrap lace around the bullets! Fast forward a few days of going in and out of the jewelry supply stores & fabric land & there you have my signature lace bullet necklace. 

Copper Blue Lace Bullet
 Gold Lace Bullets- White & Red
Signature Gold Lace Bullets

These bullet necklaces are made to order in your choice of coloured lace & gem. You also pick the length of chain you would like for your necklace!

Body Chains

I LOVE body chains. They are one of my favourite accessorizes. Where I live i never see anyone wearing them, which im okay with... But I think that they can completely change the whole vibe of your outfit. They are also a sexy twist to a bikini or a plain skin tight dress! I only have a few body chains in my jewelry collection but I am working on more & you will definitely be seeing some beautiful pieces coming soon! ;)

Latest Designs

My latest necklace designs includes some beautiful druzy pieces, turquoise & shamballa ball necklaces all hanging from a stunning 14K gold filled chain & clasp. 

White Druzy Vermili Edged Necklace With 14K Gold Filled Chain & Clasp
Pink Iridescent Shamballa Ball Necklace With 14K Gold Filled Chain
Green Druzy Vermeil Edged With 14K Gold Filled Chain
Antiqued Silver Finished Elephant Key Necklace
Blue Druzy Teardrop Vermeil Edged With 14K Gold Filled Chain

Please have a look at my Etsy Shop & share my pieces with others!
Your support means a lot! 

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Zoë xo

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